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Did you know that just sitting at your computer you can tell if your husband or lover if they've ever ever been arrested, and what they were arrested for?  You can tell if they've ever declared bankruptcy, and you can find out what kind of tangible assets they own, such as houses, cars, boats, etc. You can click over to other databases and quickly find out if they've ever been married, divorced, or widowed. You can even find out if anybody's suing them, or if they're suing someone else. You can even look up their telephone records.

You can get anything on anybody, and you don't even have to hire a private investigator. You can do it all yourself online quickly and easily!  Using special online databases, you can even locate a long lost friend, a former love, an old military buddy, or someone who owes you money!

DETECTIVE SEARCH is a full suite of databases and resources that licensed private investigators use every day. Rather than pay a top private investigator $150+ per hour, you can use the exact same resources and databases yourself by becoming a member of our site!

Immediately upon gaining access to our Members' Area, you will be able to use many of the databases and resources without paying any additional fees. There are also dozens of fee-based resources in the Members' Area which you can use after you've narrowed down your search and know exactly what you want. You will save a tremendous amount of money this way and will be able to find exactly what you are searching for.

YOU CAN FIND OUT:   Adoptions and Birth Parents, Ancestry Archives, Arrest Records, Background Checks, Bankruptcy Records, Birth Records, Childcare and Nanny screening, Court Records, Correctional Files, Court Records, Courthouses, Credit Reports, Criminal Files, Criminal Indictments, Death Records, District Court Files, Divorce Records, DMV Records, Driving Records, DUI Files, DWI Records, Estate Records, Family History Detective, FBI Files, Federal Court Dockets, Find lost people, Fraud and Alias Files, Genealogy Detective, Identity theft Records, Incarceration and Felony Arrests, Inmates locator, Judgment Files, Juvenile Files, Lien records, Marriage Records, Military Records, Missing people, Naturalization Records, Offender Records, Parole Records, People search, Plaintiff/Defendants, Police records, Probate records, Property Records, Public Records, Real property ownership Records, Sentencing Files, Sex offenders, Skip Tracing, Small Claims Records, Superior Court Records, Unlisted home and cell phone numbers, Vital Records, Warrant Files, and more.


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